N310 Series AC Drives, Variable Freqency Drivies

N310 Series AC Drives

certification : UL, cUL
220V Class: 0.5~3HP, suitable for motor capacity: 0.4~2.2kW
440V Class: 1~215HP, suitable for motor capacity: 0.75~160kW
•Wide Power range from 0.4 to 160kW
•Built-in Advanced Flux Vector Control, Speed Control Range: 1:100 (0.5-50Hz)
•Output Frequency up to 1200 Hz ( Special Models only)
•Option Card Function is available for Customized Models
•Ultra Low Noise Operation with Built-in SOFT-PWM
•Higher Reliability and Environment Immunity with PCB Protection Coating
•Built-in RS485 Communication
•Global Field Network Options such as: -ProfiBus DP, DeviceNetTM
•5 digit 7 Segment Removable keypad with standard RJ45 interface
•Copy Unit option, is available for Parameter Copy
•PID Control Function is Built-in
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