S310 Series AC Drives, Variable Freqency Drivies

S310 Series AC Drives

certification : UL, cUL
220V Class: 0.5~1HP, suitable for motor capacity: 0.4~0.75kW
•With Auto Torque Boost, 150% Torque Output at 6Hz
•Output Frequency up to 400Hz
•Ultra low Noise Operation with built-in SOFT-PWM
•Improved Braking Capability by Built-in Braking Transistor (In B Type)
•Built-in RS485 Communication (In C Type)
•5 digit 7 Segment Removable keypad with standard RJ45 interface
•Cooling by Heatsink, eliminating Fan Noise
•Economic Blind type Model (Without display/key Pad) is Available

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